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Ancient Secrets: The Sphinx

National Geographic

Next Air Date: January 27, 2015


Pyramid Builders Could Have Used Rolling Blocks

Science News for Students: Archaeology

September 24, 2014


Ruins of Bustling Port Unearthed at Egypt's Giza Pyramids

Fox News

January 31. 2014


Ancient Egypt: 21 Room Mansion Recovered Near Giza Pyramids Tells of the Liftstyle of High and Mighty

International Business Times

January 24, 2014


Ruins Near Giza Pyramids Reveal Luxurious Lifestyle of Ancient Egypt's Elites

Huffington Post

January 23, 2014


4,500-Year-Old 'Garbage' From Ancient Egyptian Mansion Reveals Elites' Luxurious Taste

International Business times

January 23, 2014


Ruins Near Pyramids Reveal Leopard Teeth, Calf Bones

January 22, 2014


High Status Home Unearthed Near the Giza Pyramids

January 22, 2014


Tasty Life: Leopard Teeth, Calf Bones Found in Ruins Near Pyramids

Yahoo! News

January 22, 2014


Cow Limbs and Leopard Teeth Discovered at Ancient Egyptian Mansion

Headlines & Global News

January 21, 2014


Builders of giza Pyramids Ate 1,814kg of Meat Every Day

The Times of India

April 26, 2013


Workers Town Fed 10,000 Giza Pyramid Builders

April 24, 2013

Archaeologists Uncover Remains of Massive Catering Operation to Feed Builders who Made the Pyramids at Giza on 4,000lbs of Meat a Day

The Daily Mail

April 24, 2013


Bureaucracy, Meat Production Crucial to Building Egypt's Pyramids

Inside Science

April 24, 2013


Giza Secret Revealed: How 10,000 Pyramid Builders Got Fed

Live Science

April 23, 2013


Ladders to Heaven: Who Built the Ancient Pyramids of Egypt


August 16, 2013


Pyramids of Giza Built by Trade Unions of Hired Workers?


April 6, 2013


Egypt Finds Tombs of Pyramid Builders

Discover Magazine

January 11, 2010


A Tale of the Bones: Animal Use in the Temple and Town of Wah-Sut

Expedition Magazine of the University of Pennsylvania

July 2006


Who Built the Pyramids?

Harvard Magazine

July-August 2003




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